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If you think that the BeeUp method could help with your business’s development then we look forward to hearing from you. When we do we’ll contact you immediately to arrange a free initial consultation. Based on the information you give us, we’ll offer you a custom-designed process to get started on creating solutions to your business challenge.
Yes, closed case studies are an essential part of the BeeUp method. Internal case studies are developed in a similar way to public case studies. The key differences are that closed case studies aren’t publicly shared on the platform and only designated users have access to them. These users could be your own employees or specific groups of clients. A BeeUp business coach still provides support for this group both with the case study process and with relevant business concepts during the process of creating solutions. In this way, closed case studies allow for the application of internal know-how within the solution while simultaneously training your employees.

The main advantage of the BeeUp method is that you’ll receive high-value, creative, and professional solutions that address your specific business challenges. When compared to conventional business consulting, the BeeUp method is available to you at a much lower cost. Furthermore, you won’t receive just one solution but many different proposals, and you’ll be able to choose your favorite solution from among them. We make sure that all these solutions are of the highest standard, displaying the level of professionalism and the cutting-edge business knowledge and techniques that you expect. 

 By using the BeeUp method you can find new business channels, creative marketing and communications concepts, and new strategic partners. Your company can become more agile by adapting faster to changing circumstances. We’re confident that the benefits of the BeeUp method will soon be reflected in the financial success of your company.

All the information contained in the case studies is anonymised for use in our case studies. Your data and information are also securely encrypted by our IT technology.