For Business Teachers

BeeUp helps you introduce practical and relevant examples to the classroom. You choose the case studies that are relevant to the business concepts that match your classroom teaching, and then show students how they might apply these concepts in practice. In this way, you enhance your students’ employability by providing real-world business experience rather than relying on hypothetical textbook case studies.

The teacher can choose based on his or her preferred teaching style. This includes deciding whether your students work on the same or different case studies.

It is also possible for you to provide the class with your own learning materials in addition to those provided by BeeUp. You can send your materials to your BeeUp coach so that he / she can provide them to your class via the platform. Other users and groups who work on the same case study will not be able to see your materials; they will be available only to you and your students.

Yes, that is possible. You can contact us via if you would like to speak us in person. Depending on your location, a videoconference with your students might be possible.

For the case studies that your class work on, we can delegate the coach function to you. This will allow students from your class, but not other persons or groups, to contact you as a coach. As a coach, you can observe your class’s progress, discuss suggested solutions with the groups and, eventually, evaluate your class’s performance.

Yes, that is possible. As soon as the groups have submitted their solutions, we will create a PDF document and send it to you electronically.