Who is a BeeUp Coach?

A BeeUp Coach gives advice and support to the BeeUp teams who are solving BeeUp case studies. He acts as a connector between BeeUp client and BeeUp user. Once you have registered for a BeeUp case study, the BeeUp coach contacts you personally and an explanation of the BeeUp case study begins with a virtual opening event. Depending on your interest and motivation for the BeeUp case study, the level of support you receive will vary.

Business education on BeeUp doesn’t cost you any money but isn’t entirely free. You must make an effort to solve the problem. In return, your effort will be rewarded.


Tips for dealing with your BeeUp coach are:

- Ask specific questions

- He knows the client! The coach provides knowledge in order to achieve the case study’s goals as efficiently as possible.

- The coach helps you to recognise your own resources and encourages you to make the most of them

- The coach elaborates the case study goals and supports you in implementing a solution


Benefits of BeeUp Coaching

- The BeeUp user receives support in dealing with the task

- The BeeUp user gets assistance in planning and implementing promising ideas

- The BeeUp user learns to reflect on his actions and behaviour self-critically

- The BeeUp user recognises and appreciates the benefits of cooperation and leadership in business situations

- The BeeUp user can continuously improve his communication and leadership skills

- The BeeUp user increases the chance of success in achieving their career objectives