BeeUp Certificate

What is the BeeUp certificate? 

By working through BeeUp case studies, users can obtain a certificate that gives an overview of the competences they have gained while developing their solutions.

What is the BeeUp certificate worth?

The BeeUp certificate is a transparent proof of learning within the BeeUp method framework. Learning experiences are gained in a business context: Assessment is based on aptitude in business management methods, application of these methods in real case studies, and project management competency in interdisciplinary and virtual teams.

For potential employers, a graduate with a BeeUp certificate has documented the following competences, which are not covered by a conventional university degree:

• The ability to learn business practices, acquire industry knowledge, and to directly solve business problems.

• The ability to work in a self-motivated and self-directed manner, without the added pressure of exams.

• The determination to voluntarily participate in teams.

• The ability to devise practical business solutions with creativity and unconventionality.

• The ability to network and to identify personal skill-gaps and address them through selecting and working with team members.

These skills are judged by coaches who are either university lecturers or experienced consultants.

These are all skills in high demand in today's workplace. As a result, the BeeUp certificate has significant value when combined with another professional degree or professional experience, and is extremely valuable for your career advancement.

What constitutes the BeeUp certificate?

The BeeUp certificate distinguishes individuals who have dealt with real, concrete company issues. These are what we call "Real World Case Studies". Graduates of BeeUp are distinguished by the fact that they have dealt with business concepts and models, and that they have presented "real" practical solutions to "real" companies.

Graduates of BeeUp are already real practitioners: They have proven their ability to construct innovative concepts both independently and in a team by developing business solutions, and can provide new ideas for improving the core competencies of client companies. A BeeUp certificate is proof of contextual competence, combining professional and social skills as well as creating real business value.

Because the BeeUp method relies on swarm intelligence, participants don’t just gain career opportunities, but also gain new ways of thinking and problem solving. Through exchanges, discussions, and dialogue with the other users, new knowledge is created and developed, and the foundations for more complex challenges are set.

What does a BeeUp certificate look like?

An example BeeUp Certificate.

Where does the certificate fit within the educational landscape?

Alongside the processed case studies and the assessments of experienced coaches, a credit point system, based on the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System), means that the certificate can be directly compared with other certifications.