The success of any enterprise is increasingly dependent on creating fruitful connections between the knowledge of a wide variety of individuals. As a result, business development should not be based on the knowledge of single individuals, but should be based on the systematic integration of knowledge sourced from numerous people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. 

We are convinced that the knowledge critical for success is not contained within single industries let alone single organisations. By lowering barriers between established organisations and proactive, knowledgeable individuals, we believe we can achieve sustainable growth for both. 



We connect companies and individuals, which enables both to take advantage of the opportunities offered by developments in their environment. This means that both organisations and individuals are able to continue their success in the long term.

On the company side, BeeUp turns business challenges into business opportunities. We do this through our digital platform, which connects businesses with our managed crowd of smart and talented people. Their fresh minds and external perspectives, guided by our experienced consultants, generates a variety of creative approaches to complex challenges. Businesses then choose the best paths to achieve their objectives.

For individuals, we create opportunities to gain practical and methodological knowledge. We do this via innovative teaching approaches and specialist learning software.