For Business


BeeUp GmbH offers companies a personalised, service-orientated approach. Organisations interested in the platform can request a free, non-binding consultation. You’ll get ideas for developing your business after considering how new business models might improve your performance.


If you are a decision maker within an organisation and would like to test our service, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


In our experience, successful projects require commitment from both sides. The following overview shows the performance responsibilities for both of us:


Services from BeeUp

1. Overall project coordination

2. Organise and implement a business model analysis and provide the necessary technology

3. Create an anonymous case study based on the preceding analysis.

4. Announce your case study on our BeeUp platform

5. Motivate and moderate BeeUp users as they solve your case study

6. Support in choosing a solution to your case study

7. Support in building and organising an implementation team


Client Responsibilities

1. Internal project management and project organisation

2. Ensuring the availability of your colleagues so that we can create an initial business model analysis. Usually this is done online with an appropriate IT tool. On request, the business model analysis can also be undertaken with individual interviews.

3. Approve your case study

4. Select your preferred solution

5. Implement your preferred solution (with the process identified in the Change Team)