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Co-operation with

February 10th 2017, MIchael Czarniecki 

Education and Networking for Refugees

We are happy to announce that BeeUp and Kiron ( have combined their efforts in order to provide education and a social network for refugees. Kiron is a NGO that provides higher education to refugees in order to help them integrate into their host countries.

Why did we launch this collaboration?

The vision for BeeUp is described here. We are primarily focused on creating and delivering growth opportunities for our clients, which are usually established businesses. But these growth opportunities will remain opportunities if they are not implemented by skilled and motivated people. We are convinced that there are very skilled people among the refugee population and our aim is to connect these people to our clients.

“Think different”

Furthermore, refugees bring different perspectives on how to solve business problems. By definition, refugees grew up with different mindsets and approaches than the indigenous population. “Think different” is Apple’s slogan, but it is an important slogan for every business as they grapple with an uncertain future. An important aspect of the BeeUp method is our focus on approaching business problems with multiple perspectives.

We believe that our co-operation with Kiron will result in a win-win-win-win situation: business growth, refugee integration, and Kiron and BeeUp get a little closer to realising our visions.

We want to thank Kiron for connecting us to extremely skilled refugees.