A Rich Lady plans the future – with you

Case study and task

A new day begins

You are a consultant in a large management consultancy. It is early in the morning and you are speeding from Zurich to the Appenzell region with your boss. The speed is high enough that you are flashed by a speed camera, but not so high that you’ll be fined. Your boss is driving and discusses the status of the projects that you’ve been working on until the early hours of the morning. After the endless switchbacks on the Appenzell roads, you arrive at the Weissbad Spa Hotel in Appenzell dizzy and exhausted. The sun rises behind the mountains. You breathe in the fresh air to alleviate your nausea a little.

The client is a rich entrepreneur. She has already successfully established and managed several service companies. You meet at the local café. She approaches you dressed in sportswear and the conversation begins with her saying that she almost suffered a burnout last week and therefore decided spontaneously to have a spa break. You think, "Wise decision" and wonder whether you will avoid burnout in time. You then order the next coffee.


The Assignment

The client speaks personally to you, ignoring your boss: "Look, I think that you have what it takes. I want the following from you: gather a team of people with complementary skills, develop a creative business plan, and then implement it. I´ll support you by buying shares of the company that you’ll soon establish." These words jerk you wide awake; you don’t need that coffee anymore. Your boss looks quite puzzled; he has come here to land a contract for his consulting firm.

The lady obviously enjoys situations like this, and adds: "Oh yes, of course, you two are in an employment relationship, I know. Don´t worry, I can wait the notice out."

While your boss considers how to finish the other projects without you and slips into a mild panic, you answer her: "And how much are you willing to invest in my not-yet-established company? And how will you decide the definite go-ahead?" The answer is short but clear: "The first phase CHF 60,000 will, of course, depend on your business plan. I want the project to be fun and well ... the project should generate a return at the latest after five years". You reply: "OK, agreed."

You enjoy the return trip to Zurich in the comfortable and slow Appenzeller train without your boss, and sketch the first ideas, thinking about potential partners that you want to start the venture with.

If you can explain your ideas, the rich lady will be glad to contact you.



1. Read the case

2. Study the background materials

3. Check your knowledge by completing the multiple choice questions

4. Create a team that has the necessary skills to solve the case, or join an existing team

5. After you have successfully gathered your team, you will be invited to a webinar by your supervisor

6. Solve the case as detailed in the assignment

7. As soon as you have completed the case, your work will be evaluated by instructors, experts, and your team members, and you will receive a certificate and feedback.



1. Prepare an “ideas” document and collate all the ideas of your team members. You can use creativity techniques to generate ideas!

2. Share your ideas with your coach. Your coach will discuss your ideas with BeeUp’s clients and will inform you of their preferred solutions.

3. Prepare a business model canvas for the selected idea.

4. Describe the minimum viable product (MVP) and the way you would determine the probability of success.