Match Cleantech challenges to competencies

In July 2010, Solar Impulse became the first aircraft in history to fly day and night without using fossil fuels and without emitting greenhouse gases. 

The Solvay group contributed to the project through its chemical and plastics divisions, providing advanced technical solutions for renewable energy, energy storage, insulating materials, and lightweight materials. These solutions encompass eleven products, 25 different applications, and more than 6,000 parts.

If you want to change the world, you need to work across professions. In other words, changing the world is an interdisciplinary mission.

You, an engineer interested in Cleantech, will work in a cross-disciplinary team to solve a problem that you have identified. You’ll start by defining a problem or a need. We’ll then help you to refine this need so that it can be taken further. This means your solution can be worked on by  other users or perhaps even the manufacturer directly.

The problem-framing stage is crucial because collaborators will need to understand your proposition in terms familiar to them. We’ll guide you through this and then help you to connect with potential collaborators who can take your ideas forward.



Industry: Engineering
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Contents: Creativity Techniques, strategic partnerships

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